Monday, October 12, 2015

Due's are Due for 2016 and other Housekeeping

Hello fellow plein air painters!

October is here and with it time to renew your membership (or join if you haven't!) in WIPAPA! If I receive your $$$ before January 1st it's $30...after it's $40. So save yourselves 10 big ones and send it in!! 

Item number two: If you are a event director or on a Plein Air Competition committee for 2016 I have begun to add your links to the blog! So I need this info from you asap. I need it as always to be in the form of a link on your website. Even if it just says "save this date". Keep in mind that many artists must turn in their vacation requests before January 1st so if you wish many artists at your event they need to be able to plan well ahead of time! I know of three brand new events in the works in Wisconsin for next year!

And three! Thank you all for your participation in WIPAPA this year! Every brush stroke counts!

The instigator, Wendie

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