Sunday, January 5, 2020

A New Year, A New Look

Welcome to the next chapter of WIPAPA 

As many of you know Wendie Thompson posted in March of 2019 the current state of WIPAPA. Calling for someone to help with some of the responsibilities was part of that letter. My name is Nathan Brandner. I answered that call. Some of you might know me, but for those of you who don't I will give you a brief introduction. 

I will fast forward from my days of coloring books, study of art at UW-Stevens Point, summer at the Florence Academy of Art and get to my plein air beginnings. My first hand at plein air was at the Academy of Fine Art under the skillful eye of the now nationally know Ken DeWaard. It would be another 4 years till I tried my first event. The rush of competition and the around the clock painting opened my eyes to the excitement of the plein air movement. WIPAPA was an essential part of helping me find events and becoming a part of the Plein Air community here in Wisconsin. I felt now was time to give back to an organization that had helped me get my bearings in the exciting world of plein air. Over the summer of 2019 I had taken up the task of updating the blog with events, winners and competition announcements while getting the know those who helped run the various competitions as well as the artists that participated. 

Moving Moving into 2020

Now with help of Wendie and a few others in our community I give you a new face for WIPAPA. The blog will continue to be an integral part of the organization but now a website has been added for giving back to our members (link below). For the first time in years we will have a members only show at Richeson Gallery and School of Art, this show will rotate its location through the years to come. Enjoy the new addition to WIPAPA and consider renewing your membership for the 2020 year.

Paint on!
Nathan Brandner

Email: wisconsinpapa@gmail for questions

Monday, October 7, 2019

Mineral Point 2019

Mineral Point Plein Air
Thanks to Arts Mineral Point for hosting the 6th year of Paint the Point. Nestled away in the far reaches of the southwest side of Wisconsin artist gathered to "Paint the Point" As per usual the artist were kept busy between Nocturnes, quick paints and the of course the main event.

Main Event

1st Place 
"Early Glare" John Preston

2nd Place
"All of a Sedan" Marc Anderson

3rd Place
"Morning Shadows" Thomas Buchs

4th Place 
"Rise and Shine" Patty Voje

Honorable Mention
"For the Love of Trees" Jan Norsetter

Quick Paint

1st Place
"Aint Pretty but it's Progress" John Preston

2nd Place
""King of the Hill" Marc Anderson

3rd Place
"Time Waits for No-One"-Patty Voje


1st Place
"Twilight on High Street" John Preston

2nd Place
"Window Display" Gin Lammert

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Port Wing

Port Wing Plein Air

Rolling waves crashed along the endless shores of the mighty Lake Superior. Clouds filled the air as the scent of freshwater hung amidst the air. Easels came up and down at the marina during the week, artists trying to capture the majesty of Superior in Port Wing. To say the whole city showed up to the reception wouldn't be that far off, the small town rallied to view the art that was created around their port town with unyielding support. 

Best in Show
Lisa Stauffer-Birch

 Second Place
Stephen Wysocki-Late Summer Homestead

 Third Place
David Peacock-Hayfield and Buildings

 People Choice
Tonja Sell-Where the Eagle Sits

Quick Paint Winner
Nathan Brandner-Summer Retreat

Hoth-Lee Gallery Prize 
"Best Sky with Clouds"
Joanne Meierhofer-Storm Coming

Runner Up
Nathan Brandner-Beach Sky

Dragonfly Farms Prize
"Best Meadow with Flowers"
Ann Christensen-Fall is Coming

Monday, August 19, 2019

State Fair Plein Air

State Fair Plein Air

The hot sun beat down on the blacktop as shuffling feet moved from vendors to attractions and nestled between the cows and food, away worked the artists. For two days plein air artists painted the Wisconsin State Fair, subjects varied from the ferris wheel to the farm animals. On the second day, early morning in the quiet Exploratory Grounds the quick paint competition got underway giving painters a chance to paint some greenery and park scenes.

Grand Champion Troy Tatlock Painting

Main Event Winners
Grand Champion-Troy Tatlock
Reserve Champion-Sherri Thomas
Award of Merit-Les Leffingwell

Sowing Creativitry Main Event Awards
Nature Inspired-Veronica Shmauz
Painting the Light- Linda Boehlke
Action Packed-Christopher J. Behrs
Kid Friendly-Veronica Shmauz
Best Dairy Animal (Sponsored by WI Dairy Promo Board)-Nathan Brandner

Quick Paint Awards
Grand Chamption-Les Leffingwell
Reserve Champion-Chistopher J. Behrs
Award of Merit Cherie Raffel

Color Celebration-Barbra Hayden
Artist as the Object-Troy Tatlock

Jurors Photo

Monday, August 12, 2019

Jefferson Plein Air

Jefferson Plein Air

A late June rain and gusty winds did not stop artists from slinging paint. Positioned between Milwaukee and Madison the rolling green fields and historic downtown gave artists a chance to once again display and share their talents. Put on by the well organized Arts Alliance of Greater Jefferson and judged by Lorin Willey and Swayden-Grebel. 

Main Event

Best in Show
 Marc Anderson - Something to Taco About
2nd Place
 James Faecke - Bon Ton
3rd Place
Peggy Hope - Abandoned
4th Place 
 Troy Tatlock - Pay No Attention to the Man (Girl) behind the Lattice
Artist Choilce
BethAnn Moran-Hanzlik - Quiet Morning

Quick Paint

Best of Quick Paint

 Beth Ann Moran-Hanzlik - Light Over Jefferson

2nd Place

Marc Anderson - Van No Gogh

3rd Place
Derek Hambly - Mexican Restaurant

Honorable Mention 
Deborah Baughman - Morning View Main Street

Honorable Mention
Deborah Rollo - The Drugstore

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Oshkosh Plein Air

Oshkosh Plein Air Winners
A city surrounded by water brought in thirty artists to paint for awards exceeding two thousand dollars. Founded on industry but born from its waterway Oshkosh gave artists the chance to paint the gritty to the grand. In the 1903 Gregorian Revival Yacht Club know as The Waters the artist/patron reception was held, bringing together the fine works created during the week.

top row left to right: Terri Einer, Frankie Johnson, RL Weber, James Hempel, Antwan Ramar, Deborah Baughman
bottom row left to right: Sherri Thomas, Deke Palecek, Joye Moon

Best of Show $750 Artist: James Hempel
Name of Work: “Lane to the Lake”

2nd Place $500 Artist: RL Weber
Name of Work: “Bay Shore Marina”

3rd Place $350 Artist: Antwan Ramar
Name of Work: “Fall of the Peony Empire”

Spirit of Oshkosh $250 Artist: Joye Moon
Name of Work: “The Waters”

Award of Excellence $250 Artist: Frankie Johnson
Name of Work: “Peeking Blue”

OFAA Honor Award $250 Artist: Deke Palecek
Name of Work: “That’s What I Said”

Jack Richeson & Co Gift Certificates
1: Terri Einer Name of Work: “Pollack Splash”
2: Deborah Baughman Name of Work: “Oshkosh Railroad Bridge”

Roger Tornow Memorial by OFAA Artist: Sherri Thomas
Name of Work: “A Quiet Place”

Honorable Mention (not pictured)
1: Nathan Brandner Name of Work: “Winnebago Waves”
2: Peggy Reimer Name of Work: “Thank You Oshkosh”
3: Barbara Hayden Name of Work: “Shirley’s Roses”

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Cedarburg Plein Air

Cedarburg Plein Air Winners

The quiet town of Cedarburg Wisconsin became a historic backdrop and inspiration of artists early this June. This event brought out one-hundred and forty-two artists from eleven different states, from California to Florida. These artists competed for over $7,250 in awards. Over seven-hundred people came to view the works over the weekend, many anticipated the buyer party, reception, and awards ceremony Saturday night. As the weekend came to a wrap over one hundred paintings found a new permanent home. 

A special Thanks to the Cedarburg Artists Guild for running this event.

Best in Show
Antwan Ramar "PhotoSymphony"

Second Place
Paul Berquist "Covered Bridge"

Third Place
Jim Faeke "Lunch on the Terrace"

Honorable Mentions

Nathan Brandner "Backroad Sky"

Sherri Thomas "Spring Colors"

Steve Puttrich "Saturday Morning Lilacs"

Frankie Johnson "Pink Sheets"

Artists Choice Awards

First Place
Paul Berquist "Coming Home"

Second Place
Troy Tatlock "Landmark Mill After Hours"

Jim Faecke "Lunch on the Terrace"

Third Place
Tom Buchs "Washington Street"

Sandra McCutcheon Pape Best of Cedarburg Award

First Place
Troy Tatlock "Landmark Mill After Hours"

Second Place
Tom Buchs "Gray Morning"

Third Place
Stephen Wysocki "Washington Ave"