Saturday, November 1, 2014

It's that time again! Open Paint at the Thompson Home Nov Nov 22nd (Saturday BEFORE Thanksgiving)

Open Paint will be held the Saturday before Thanksgiving once again this year! For those who have been unable to join us in the past...this is a fun day! Meet at my home in Ashippun  at 8am...go out and paint and come back around Noon. You can come earlier if you wish but the coffee will be on at 8...There is a lot to paint around here!!

As in the past...I will make a big pot of homemade soup for lunch. Bring something simple to pass like bread, veggies or fruit. We will eat and critique to see the WIPAPA year out!!! All are welcome!!

Address: 1289 State Rd 67
8 Miles North of Oconomowoc on 67
Between Hwy EE and Washington 

Parking!! Please enter the frontage rd off Hwy EE in front of St John's Church and park in the next door driveway or on the road there!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 25th Open Paint Day (Holy Hill) and 2015 Dues are Due

Holy Hill

We will meet at 8 AM in the lower parking lot and spread out to paint from there meeting back at the same place at noon for critique and lunch (bring your own as always) All are welcome!

Also 2015 DUES ARE DUE and are $10 less if I receive them before January 1st!!

Holy Hill is located in southeast Wisconsin, on the

 highest elevation in that part of the state. Situated 

on 435 acres of rural countryside.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

WIPAPA: September 27th Open Paint Day!!! Hunger Task Force Farm!

Hello Everyone!

We haven't been to the Farm for a while as a group. So if your free let's meet there this Saturday Morning 8-12. Critique at noon! Just off 68th St and Ryan Rd in Franklin, WI.

See you there!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Congratulations Shorewood Plein Air Winners 2014

Best of Show$2,000.00
Anthony Sell Sponsor: Sommers Subaru After School

1st Place 3day paint$1,000.00
Shelby Keefe Sponsor: Dr. Sue Ewens Fran's Porch

2nd Place 3day paint$750.00
Lynn Rix Sponsor: Shorewood Woman's Club Lake Drive

3rd Place 3day paint$500.00
Edward Corkery Sponsor: Shorewood Men's Club Partly Cloudy Cityscape

Quick Paint$1,000.00
Nyle Gordon Sponsor: Pat Algiers/Chemistry in Place North Shore Boulangerie

Lakefront Quick Paint$1,000.00
Sherri Thomas Sponsor: Andy McCabe/Susie Popalisky Looking North

Peoples' Choice$500.00
Thomas Buchs Sponsor: Edward Jones Investments/Mike O'Brien Hubbard Lodge
Historical Society$200.00 
Thomas Buchs Sponsor: Shorewood Historical Society Hubbard Lodge 

Community Spirit$300.00
William Suys, Jr.Sponsor: Kensington Square Businesses Under the Bridge

Honorable Mention Jenny Anderson Judges' Choice Steele 

Honorable Mention James Hempel Judges' Choice Sunrise & Starlings

Friday, September 12, 2014

Congratulations! Winner's 2014 Brush with the Wind!

Morning Light by Lynn Rix
1st Place
Lynn Rix  "Morning Light"

The yellow building had me at first glance.  Each repeat viewing brought me to a new place in the painting to explore winter beauty. (Lori Beringer)

This painting put me there in the cold with the artist. The rendering of that warm yellow farm house in the near distance was really well done. The contrast of the cold foreground accented this effect. I kept coming back to it, and enjoyed each visit. (Lorin Willey)

 Love the zig-zag lead-in.  Really enjoy the yellow building and the shadows that create a nice sense of light.  Nice choice of adding chunky paint at the lit portion of snow.  (Matthew Holt)

The Nickel by Les Leffingwell
2nd Place
Les Leffingwell   "The Nickel"

Alive with rhythm, color and line.  If a building could breathe this facade is about to take a breath.  The frame choice placed this piece in the Honorable Mention slot.  But, over our deliberations the paintings strength it moved it's way up to 2nd place. (Lori Beringer)

This painting was a real stand-out. Whimsical, lyrical, enjoyable are words that describe the quality of this piece. Each pattern within this work was altered just enough in a purposeful way to keep everything moving and breathing. The colors were bright and clean without being forced or contrived. (Lorin Willey)

It’s so hard to take such a complicated subject, add a whimsical loose touch but then make the painting convincing!  Bravo! Great sense of power in the building and lovely contrast between windows and fa├žade.  Draws you in from afar and then the brushwork and transparency just dazzles the eye when you study the painting up close. (Matthew Holt)

Super Moon in Mineral Point by Wendie Thompson
3rd Place
Wendie Thompson

"Super Moon in Mineral Point"
Luscious color harmony throughout this work keeps the eye moving.  The bold streak of reflective light is just the right amount of punch to satisfy. (Lori Beringer)

Mood. This nocturnal work is magical. I particularly enjoyed the light as it strikes the cold grey pavement. And using thin darks throughout keeps the color lively. (Lorin Willey)

Really enjoy the offset moon juxtaposed by the risky and confident streak of light that bounces reflective light up into the underneath of trees.  I know it’s difficult to work at night but the painting shows a sense of experience and confidence under those conditions.  (Matthew Holt)

Vic's by James Faecke
Honorable Mention
James Faecke  "Vic's "

The delicate shadow rakes over the planes with a beautiful cool embrace.  The fine detail and line are perfectly placed. (Lori Beringer)

I enjoyed the shadows and the moving patterns that you created with them on the varying angles and surfaces. Your colors although subdued were crisp and clean. Good drawing skills throughout. (Lorin Willey)

A safe painting, tranquil.  Nice sense of light and enjoy the design of the tree shadow on the right that strikes the ground and building. A sense of elegance with the entire presentation. (Matthew Holt)


1st Place Lynn Rix

2nd Place Gary Millard 

Thanks to our Juror's  Lori Beringer, Lorin Willey, and Matthew Holt for the great comments!!! And to Terrence Coffman for judging the Quick Paint!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Congratulations New Berlin Winners 2014!!!

Great art is based on an abstract design!!!
As the juror, my choices were based first and foremost on the structure of the piece, the process of observation and painting. I looked for the use of color shapes and harmonies to move about the work. As well as the artist being true to their senses.
        Paula Swaydan Grebel
Juried New Berlin Plein Aire 09/2014
Orchard Road by James Hempel
 Best of Show
James Hemple
Orchard Road

Like the impressionists, this painter juxtaposed warm and cool colors, and the result, patterns of light are beautifully revealed. The eye excites as it moves freely around this well designed painting. Then there is the final destination, the end of the road, which peaks the viewers interest as to where it might lead. 

Cidar Hill Orchards by Thomas Buchs
First Place
Thomas Buchs
Cidar Hill Orchards

This painting offers variety in its shapes and form that congeal visually. There is a cohesive light; a warm, clear and crisp blue permeates this painting. This is the result of careful adjustment of each color shape, one next to the other. There is no formula or schema, rather shapes, edges, plus colors values, which moves the eyes around this painting. The artist has created a well-structured piece.
Second Place (Sorry I have no image for this one)
James Gorman
Heir M. Gott

At first this painting seems simple, but that is its winning hand. Although small in size, it is a striking piece. It is painterly and well designed. The artist used strong verticals, exciting diagonals, then grounded this painting with a horizontal in the distant horizon. I thought of landscape paintings by both George Braque and Andre Durain when I saw the spots of paint this artist brilliantly used to create movement and space. This painting too displays a cohesive light, a crisp blue daylight. 

Wind in the Willows by Sherri Thomas
Third Place
Sherri Thomas
Wind in the Willows

A sensitive painting, this artist made good use of greys to capture both mood and atmosphere. There is no doubt what this artist was after, the movement of a willow tree set in front of distant hills. Here, through the process of observation and interpretation this painter rebuilds appearances in fragmenting marks on the planes.
Honorable Mention
Les Leffingwell
        Historic Stones
Jana Beschi
        Bike Path
Matt Holt
        After Morning Rain

 Peoples Choice
Thomas Buchs
Cidar Hill Orchard (see above)

Auntie Evie's Grapes by Wendie Thompson
Juriors Choice

Wendie Thompson

Thursday, August 21, 2014

2014 Brush with the Wind

WIPAPA's Annual Juried Show at the Delafield Arts Center

2014 Brush with the Wind

WIPAPA's Annual Juried Show at the Delafield Arts Center

Friday September  12th 6-8:

Opening Artist Reception and Awards 

Delafield Arts Center
645 Wells Street
Delafield, Wisconsin 53018


Quick paint 2-5 Friday September 12th with awards during the Delafield Art Walk...Come and watch us paint!!

ART TALK Saturday 13th:

Artists Darron Lillian, Lynn Rix and Wendie Thompson share their expert knowledge on “Plein Aire” painting. 

Event Times 1pm-2:30pm. Member $5...Non-member $10 (contact the DAC for more info 262-303-4865)

About The Event

Artists Darron Lillian, Lynn Rix and Wendie Thompson share their expert knowledge on “Plein Aire” painting. Learn about the challenges and excitement of painting outdoors.  How did the artists get their start and interest in painting outdoors and who inspired them. Join us in this casual and friendly discussion. Terrence Coffman will host this panel discussion.