Saturday, July 11, 2015

Winners WIPAPA: 2015 We Came, We Saw, We Painted Field to Finish Juried Show Congratulations!!

The practice of artists going outdoors to capture in paint what the camera does not see in terms of color notes, shapes, edges and so on is as old as tubed paint. Many artists then take these small studies into their studios to create larger paintings using them as reference. Some of these small studies indeed stand on their own. This was the challenge for We Came, We Saw, We Painted WIPAPA's annual juried show at the Art*Bar. It is a small peek into the mind of an artist and a great reason to paint en plein air. I have shown both paintings for each winning artist.

1st Place
Sherri Thomas
"Song of the Loon"
Studio Painting 12x24 oil
Thanks goes out to Richard Abraham ( for judging this body of work and for his comments to the artists which I have included here. His task was to award either the field study, the studio painting or both. You can view this show and acquire these works at the Art*Bar in Riverwest until July 30th! Some of the proceeds from sales go to AWE (Artists Working in Education

Sherri Thomas
"Song of the Loon" field study 6x12 oil

Judges comments:
1st Place Sherri Thomas 
Studio Piece "Song of the Loon"

A lot of good stuff in this painting, Beautifully subtle warm greens with a sophisticated variety that yet hold together. The use of atmosphere to push back that distant row of trees is well done. I also like the changes from the study, adding sky with clouds that are also well executed. The light violet gray shadow side of the clouds are a perfect value to make them feel buoyant. Well done on many levels, a very traditional landscape like this is not always appreciated for how hard it is to pull off.

2nd Place
Wendie Thompson
"Pampas Grass" (studio painting)
20x16 oil
Judges comments: 2nd Place 
Wendie Thompson
Study and Studio Piece "Pampas Grass"

Both the study and the studio piece have almost a dreamlike quality to them. Strong color and soft edges evoke a particular time of day and time of year. A fleeting moment between seasons that I find despite the boldness of the painting has a slightly wistful quality to it. I would like to experience walking through that day.

Wendie Thompson"Pampas Grass" field study 5x7 oil

3rd Place
Lorin Willey
"South of Mineral Point"
Studio Painting 16x12 oil
Judges Comments: 3rd Place
Lorin Willey
Studio Piece "South of Mineral Point"

The boldness of the brushwork is what first strikes you about this painting but then I appreciated the delicacy of the trees and the broken edges of the branches against the sky...that is so hard to achieve.

Lorin Willey
"South of Mineral Point" Field Study
8x6 oil

Honorable Mention
Barbara Hayden
"Available No.2"
6x8 Field Study oil

Judges Comments: Honorable Mention
Barbara Hayden
Field Study "Available No.2"

Nice strong and simple statement of the light effect in the study. Also nice contrast between the harsh hard lines in the building and the softness of the tree masses behind.

Barbara Hayden
"Available No.2"
Studio Painting 12x16 oil

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