Monday, June 29, 2015

Who Won Cedarburg Plein AIr Event 2015??

In a flash the 12 days have come and gone! Images are seared in our minds forever. Images of incredible art, beautiful scenes, friends held in our hearts and a community that honors art! Thank you Cedarburg for your graciousness to the artists!

Here are the winning paintings!


Frankie Johnson, Best of Show, "Blue Glass & Clutter"

Frankie Johnson

Nyle Gordon, 2nd Place Main Event, "Cedarburg Water Lillies"

Derek Davis, 3rd Place Main Event, "A Story About Light"

Tom Nachreiner, 4th Place Main Event, "Rusty Spokes"

Lee Radke, Honorable Mention Main Event, "Columbia Road"
Bob Beck, Honorable Mention Main Event, "Mooov Over"
Errol Jacobsen, Honorable Mention, Main Event, "Sunny Corner"

Darron Lillian, Honorable Mention Main Event, "Sherman Road"

Jan Schmuckal, Honorable Mention, "Small But Mighty Viewpoint"

Jeannie Clohisy, Honorable Mention Main Event, "Rushing Waters"

Spencer Meagher, Honorable Mention Main Event, "Breakfast Time"
Mary Mayhew, Honorable Mention Main Event, "Dusk"

Juror's Choice Award Winners
Brian Sindler
Lori Beringer
Mark Zelten

Artist's Choice Awards
Michael Reif 1st
Nyle Gordon 2nd
Errol Jacobsen 3rd


Tom Kubala, 1st Place Quick Paint, "Back of the Inn"

Mark Zelten, 2nd Place Quick Paint, "Bank Front Banquet"

Tom Nachreiner, 3rd Place Quick Paint, "Morning Coffee"

Quick Paint Winners
Mark Zelten
Tom Nachreiner
Tom Kubala

Best of Historic Cedarburg

Lee Radke, Best Historic Cedarburg Award, "Columbia Road"
Sandra McCutcheon Pape 1 st place award

R.L. Weber “Last Call” Best of Historic Cedarburg 2nd place 


Deke Palecek “Daily Bread” 1st place Port Washington Paint-Out

Joyce Ksiozk “Peace at Port” 2nd place Port Washington Paint-Out

Thomas Trausch “Late Afternoon Light” 3rd place Port Washington Paint-Out

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