Sunday, January 12, 2014

Great Mid-West Plein Air Border Wars: Winter 2014!

Great Mid-West Plein Air Border Wars: Winter 2014! 

This is a first of it's kind friendly on line competition for plein air artists. It's free but all work posted must be done 90% plein air. To post simply post your work to your own blog and then post the blog post to this site...just click on the "add your link" button and follow the steps. When adding your name please prefix it with your state abbreviation (ie: WI Wendie Thompson) This challenge is open from now through March 21st. You may post as many images as you wish. We will use the Winter challenge to work out any bugs! Lets have some fun!!!We will expand this challenge in the spring...maybe find some sponsor money??!

There is already some great work on the site...check it out!

Go to this link to participate:

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