Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Brush Against Hunger: A Call to Artists

A Brush Against Hunger
How can ARTISTS+FARM=FOOD for hungry people?? That is the question I have been noodling since a number of months ago when I received a call from Ed Makowski at the Hunger Task Force Farm. Ed is the Farm Volunteer Coordinator at the Hunger Task Force Farm in Franklin, WI. Since 2004, Hunger Task Force has operated a 150 acre historic farm. In 2013 the Farm produced over 1,000,000 pounds of fresh vegetables and fruits that are delivered free of charge to the hungry in the greater Milwaukee area. And it’s a beautiful place! Ed wanted to know how he could get artists to come out to the farm and paint. I wanted to know how we could help him!!
Check it out at this link: http://www.hungertaskforce.org/the-farm/

I am excited to announce a yearlong Collaboration with WIPAPA and the Hunger Task Force Farm. We will have regular access to paint on the farm. A regular schedule will be developed as artists make clear their preferred times. Access will be weather and crop related (apple blossoms are lovely). You must register with the form on this post (see below). When you go to paint you must sign in each time you visit. You will be required to sign a release the first time you sign in. A
Hunger Task Force employee will need to be on the grounds while you are present, so dates/times need to be cleared in advance. We will offer the images to Hunger Task Force to use for raising funds (calendars, holiday cards, website, etc.) We will also target a sale of the original work at some point in the future…(65% artist/35% Task Force). This first sale event will likely coincide with the visitor center being completed in 2015. We are hoping for paintings done in each month to have art in all the Farm’s seasonal phases.

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