Thursday, February 21, 2013

Help us Promote your Events - 2013 WIPAPA Event Calendar

WIPAPA Members and Event Coordinators: 
If you have upcoming events to include on the WIPAPA Event Calendar, feel free to email the details directly to me. I will be updating the calendar once per week. We are focused on helping our members promote their workshops, exhibitions and events, as well as posting notice about Plein Air events in Wisconsin.

Rules for Submissions
 1. First take a look at our events calendar, so you can see what the listing will look like:

2. Please send me text that I can copy and paste. Image-based flyers force me to type out all your text (which takes time away from my own painting).

3. Please include the following information for each event:
  • Title of the event
  • Date(s)
  • Location (Including Venue, City & State)
  • Times (if appropriate)
  • Cost (if appropriate)
  • Website for more information (strongly recommended)
  • A LINK to a flyer (please don't send the actual flyer, such as a Word Doc or PDF, as we have nowhere to host it)
  • A contact person with phone number or email
  • Directions or other information to include
Email all of this information to: I will post this just as soon as I can. If you have questions, feel free to contact me directly at (414) 520-7243.

(If you have a flyer and nowhere to host it online, consider turning it into a Google Doc. We can share a link to that on the calendar)

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