Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Congratulations Winners: We Came We Saw We Painted 2016

Congratulations to all the winners! Jurors comments under each photo! This work is showing and available till April 28th!
Best in Show
Dan Rizzi
“This set of paintings we both agreed were worthy of merit. With overlapping diagonals, the composition was quite dramatic, and much of what was appealing in the study was kept in the final, with the addition of a more natural color for the foreground.” - Anthony Sell

2nd Place
Sherri Thomas

 “This set of paintings immediately caught my attention as I looked over the work in the show. While a very peaceful composition, I saw in this a degree of subtlety that was worthwhile. The studio piece demonstrates an improvement in the atmospheric perspective offered by this type of scene, adjustments to the scale and placement of elements that improved the composition, and a very careful handling of the edge quality of the trees in the foreground, something that is easily lost or overworked when one enlarges a much smaller painting. To me this demonstrated the kind of deliberation that one would expect from a studio painting based on a field study.” - Anthony Sell

Third Place
Barb Hayden
Close up of Barb Hayden Studio Painting
“Instead of painting the same scene, Barbara painted an interesting part of the study painting. Painting a chandelier on a gold background offers the viewers interesting perspectives at many angles. And gave the painting an illusion of light. I loved the process of a readable scene to the final painting of readable abstraction.” - Jenny Anderson 
Honorable Mention
Kriste Sankey
 “On the criteria of a study piece to studio, this showed most improvement. Working on your studio piece you have improved the scene using your imagination. Study and concentration to imagination and the joy of painting.” - Jenny Anderson 

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