Saturday, September 5, 2015

Winners 2015 Brush with the Wind: WIPAPA's Annual Juried Show

Congratulations to the award winners for the 2015 Annual Juried Show: Brush with the Wind! The work can be seen and purchased at the Arts Mill in Grafton Wisconsin till Sept 26th!!

Thanks also to our jurors: Anthony Sell and Jenny Anderson! I have included their thoughtful comments for each award.

1st Place / Best in Show
“Late Light” by Carolyn Larkin
Jenny and I both agreed that this painting had
a very compelling composition and value
structure, and that the brushwork and handling
as well as the color choice were aptly suited to
the subject matter. For a small painting, it
grabbed my attention from across the room.
While not a deciding factor, I will also point
out that the choice of a wide black frame with
a thin gold lip greatly compliments the gold
and purple hues in the painting.
- Anthony

After being compositionally drawn into this
painting, I was fascinated with the brushwork
and the color. The unforced interpretation of
the landscape coupled with deliberate
confidence of the medium made this piece
- Jenny

 2nd Place
“A Good Days Work”
Sherri Thomas
This painting had both a sense of movement
and a sense of time, partly due to the manner
in which the glow of light was captured. It
also has a very strong focal point, using the
pattern and texture of the field, the
atmospheric perspective in the background,
and the contre jour lighting.
- Anthony

This painting radiates the elegance of the
landscape. The subtle changes of value and
color translates into a sense of calm and
- Jenny

3rd Place
“Monarchs & Milkweed”
Wendie Thompson
The first element of this painting to capture
my eye was the color. As I got closer, I was
compelled by how the abstract foreground
resolves into a convincing depth of field in the
structures in the background.
- Anthony

The color harmonies of this painting draw you
in. It is quite abstract, yet intentional. The
feeling of place is unmistakable. The brave
and bold orange stroke of the flying monarch
in the sky gives the viewer an unexpected
- Jenny
Honorable Mention
“Standing Still”
Pamela Ruschman
The square composition was interesting, the
brushwork deliberate and sensitive to the
form, with a good variety of textures and
interesting surface texture. The subtleties of
her color choices are also more apparent the
closer you get.
- Anthony
The juxtaposition of warm and cool of this
piece, gives the painting a feeling of comfort
even though the subject matter and the
weather are bleak. The skill shown through
composition and paint handling makes this a
very strong piece.
- Jenny
Honorable Mention
Kriste Sankey
I thought that this painting had a strong formal
concept, using the repeating shapes of the
wheels, the lights, the shapes in each of the
motorcycles, for an unusual composition that
stood out among the other paintings.
- Anthony
The free brushwork added to the spirit of the
subject matter of the painting. Paintings
sometimes evoke emotions, but with this
painting I could hear the bikes.
- Jenny

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