Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How do I Find Some Artists Painting?? or What is Glympse? you drive to say, Cedarburg to catch some artists painting. Maybe you're an artist interested in seeing what the buzz is all about with this "Plein Air" thing. Or maybe you're bringing your kids to grow their appreciation of art or feed a budding talent. Or just maybe your a savvy collector of plein air work and you want to see the process and meet the artists.

You could drive around town and you will most likely see some artists. But you know there are 150 artists painting for 10 days and you want to see more. Or you are looking for one particular artist whose work you follow.

Well we have been working on a way to connect the artists with the people looking for them and are ready to beta test it this year. We have found a free tool/app for smartphones called Glympse and we have a number of artists who are willing to share their painting locations using this tool during Cedarburg this year.

How to use GLYMPSE?

Instructions for ART Lovers:

On your phone search for WIPAPA.blogspot.comThis is the Wisconsin Plein Air Painters Association website. On my phone I need to scroll all the way to the bottom and hit the button that says "view web version". At the top right you will find a map that says Glympse

You will see little posts where artists are. If it says "expired" it simply means they have moved from there and have not yet found a new location....or maybe they are taking a break! It's that easy!

Instructions for ARTISTS:

Go to the app store for your for Glympse and download's free! Please do this well before the event and play with it a bit to make sure you know how to do it!

When you have found a place to paint then
1. Go to the Glympse app on your phone
2. Hit share location. 
3.Then search for the group !WIPAPA (you must enter the ! first) and join it. 
4.Then select a time amount up to 4 hours that you will be there.
5. Hit share. You will show up on the map on the WIPAPA blog. After the time you selected has lapsed your flag says "expired". If you wish to disappear from the map altogether then exit the app.

How fun is that? Please join us and help us connect artists and art lovers!!!

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