Friday, September 12, 2014

Congratulations! Winner's 2014 Brush with the Wind!

Morning Light by Lynn Rix
1st Place
Lynn Rix  "Morning Light"

The yellow building had me at first glance.  Each repeat viewing brought me to a new place in the painting to explore winter beauty. (Lori Beringer)

This painting put me there in the cold with the artist. The rendering of that warm yellow farm house in the near distance was really well done. The contrast of the cold foreground accented this effect. I kept coming back to it, and enjoyed each visit. (Lorin Willey)

 Love the zig-zag lead-in.  Really enjoy the yellow building and the shadows that create a nice sense of light.  Nice choice of adding chunky paint at the lit portion of snow.  (Matthew Holt)

The Nickel by Les Leffingwell
2nd Place
Les Leffingwell   "The Nickel"

Alive with rhythm, color and line.  If a building could breathe this facade is about to take a breath.  The frame choice placed this piece in the Honorable Mention slot.  But, over our deliberations the paintings strength it moved it's way up to 2nd place. (Lori Beringer)

This painting was a real stand-out. Whimsical, lyrical, enjoyable are words that describe the quality of this piece. Each pattern within this work was altered just enough in a purposeful way to keep everything moving and breathing. The colors were bright and clean without being forced or contrived. (Lorin Willey)

It’s so hard to take such a complicated subject, add a whimsical loose touch but then make the painting convincing!  Bravo! Great sense of power in the building and lovely contrast between windows and façade.  Draws you in from afar and then the brushwork and transparency just dazzles the eye when you study the painting up close. (Matthew Holt)

Super Moon in Mineral Point by Wendie Thompson
3rd Place
Wendie Thompson

"Super Moon in Mineral Point"
Luscious color harmony throughout this work keeps the eye moving.  The bold streak of reflective light is just the right amount of punch to satisfy. (Lori Beringer)

Mood. This nocturnal work is magical. I particularly enjoyed the light as it strikes the cold grey pavement. And using thin darks throughout keeps the color lively. (Lorin Willey)

Really enjoy the offset moon juxtaposed by the risky and confident streak of light that bounces reflective light up into the underneath of trees.  I know it’s difficult to work at night but the painting shows a sense of experience and confidence under those conditions.  (Matthew Holt)

Vic's by James Faecke
Honorable Mention
James Faecke  "Vic's "

The delicate shadow rakes over the planes with a beautiful cool embrace.  The fine detail and line are perfectly placed. (Lori Beringer)

I enjoyed the shadows and the moving patterns that you created with them on the varying angles and surfaces. Your colors although subdued were crisp and clean. Good drawing skills throughout. (Lorin Willey)

A safe painting, tranquil.  Nice sense of light and enjoy the design of the tree shadow on the right that strikes the ground and building. A sense of elegance with the entire presentation. (Matthew Holt)


1st Place Lynn Rix

2nd Place Gary Millard 

Thanks to our Juror's  Lori Beringer, Lorin Willey, and Matthew Holt for the great comments!!! And to Terrence Coffman for judging the Quick Paint!

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