Sunday, July 7, 2013

Friday August 2nd: Plein Air painting at the 3rd Annual Urban Island Beach Party Fundraiser at Lakeshore State Park.

Hey Peeps..this could be fun! You  must register!

Location: Lakeshore State Park (Island off of the coast of Summerfest and Discover World)

Date: August 2nd

Time: 4-11pm (painting session from 4-8pm or later if the artist chooses)

Cost: Free

Sales: The artist handles the transaction no commission will be taken

Load in: Artists can drive on the island and unload. They must park off the island after loading.

Expected Event Attendance: 5,000 over the course of 4pm to 11pm. A majority coming later.

Beverages: Artists that participate will receive 2 free beverages (Beer, Soda or Water)

Please confirm attendance with Ashley at

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