Tuesday, August 28, 2012

September 22nd: Open Paint Day!! Wisconsin Ave Bridge Celebration!! (Downtown)

I'm so excited for our open paint day on Sept. 22nd! 

WIPAPA has been invited to participate in the Riverwalk Art Walk and Wisconsin Avenue Bridge Celebration in downtown Milwaukee! (http://www.bridgepartymke.com/#!home/mainPage)

Here's the scoop:

Show up early (I will be there around 8AM) and find a place to paint around the Riverwalk area.) I suggest you set up within eyesight of each other. 

In the event of rain WIPAPA will still paint so come prepared.

We will have a tent set up for us and walls. Please stop and check in there. When you have your work done and framed and wired bring it to us and we will hang it. You will price it and you will receive all the selling price should it sell. We will only except cash and checks. 

We will be taking the tent down at dusk however,  while you are free to continue to paint you must show up at the tent before then to pick up any unsold work or any money from sales. You may also sell off your easels and display some work around where you are painting.

If you go to their website you will see the event runs from noon till 10pm and it is being held in conjunction with Doors Open Milwaukee (http://doorsopenmilwaukee.org/) When many of Milwaukee's historic buildings will be open for tours! They are expecting 10,000 people to show up for this and the Wisconsin Ave Bridge is on the map.

* $5 Daylong Parking at the Grand Avenue Mall structure compliments of Impark.

Hope to see you all there!!!! (Wendie)

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  1. Sounds like fun. I tried to post comment on FB with no luck?

    I have a 10x10 tent if you need an extra one.