Friday, February 17, 2012

Larry Seiler recast Webinar begins March 6th!!! Don't miss it!!

Repeat of the First Webinar Series...beginning March 6th...6pm EST

Received word that our first series with Go To Meeting last October...had glitches in the recording end, and the much awaited series to be available...


...will require us to offer the live series once again, all five of the sessions.  The glitches have been fixed...and needless to say...if you missed the first series, or a number of the sessions...this will be your opportunity.

The primary purpose for the to provide the necessary content to complete our offering series...and soon following will be available thru F&W Publications for purchase.  And thus to expedite, we will be holding the Go To Meetings twice weekly beginning Tuesday, March 6pm EST (an hour earlier than last October)...and then Thursday the 8th...followed by the 13th, 15th and 20th...

Those that registered and participated in past F&W Go To Meeting webinars will be receiving an email notice, and link for registration. Also, when I get the link to register, I will provide it here in my blog and on well as   Hope you'll be joining is the outline for the first session, March 6th.... 

Composition for the Painter-  Larry Seiler

            The modern enculturated eye routinely comes to a determination when to tune in, when to tune out.  The challenge of the artist to consider the accumulated available knowledge we have of visual communication in a commercial/aesthetic modern age, and make use of that to advance interest in their own work.  Avoid shooting ourselves (metaphorically) in the foot!

I.                  Seven Art Principles
a)          Balance
b)          Contrast
c)           Gradation
d)          Harmony
e)          Variation
f)            Dominance
g)          Unity

II.                Symmetry & Asymmetry Visual Balance   
a)           Positive & negative elements
b)           Over-busyness (implement 2/3’s rule)
c)            Organizing parts to favor asymmetry

III.            Traditional Classic Composing TYPES
a)          Circle ordering
b)          S’ ordering
c)           Fulcrum (asymmetrical)

IV.              Focal Points (Rule of Thirds) to Direct Eye
a)          Establish point of interest
b)          Manipulate elements/narrative to support

     V.     Questions/Answers

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